Fleet Maintenance

A1 fleet repair specializes in fleet maintenance, meaning that we not only take care of one truck in your fleet we take care of the entire fleet on your schedule. A1 fleet repair offers several different types of service agreements to meet your fleets maintenance needs, schedule and budget.

  1. We can work with your fleets repairs on an “as need basis “(on call 24/7) fleet maintenance
  2. We also can do a “fleet watch” which is check on your companies trucks, trailers and equipment one day or two out of the week to insure that your fleet is running at full potential. Includes minor repairs, there will be a check list made on each unit that is checked and any majors repairs found will be noted then approved and scheduled by member of your company.
  3. For our larger fleets of trucks trailers and equipment ,we offer a “fleet Care” agreement . A1 fleet repair will be there on a set schedule everyday, working on major and minor repairs needed to keep the fleet up and running.

Great for you

Please let us know if there is away we can help with your fleet maintenance, our goal with these agreements are to make sure that your trucks trailers and equipment stay up and running with minimal down time and lower the cost of you doing business, thank you for looking and GOD bless…