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Our Services

Fleet Maintenance

A1 Fleet Repairs, fleet mainteance agreements are great for getting your fleet repairs under control and keeping your equipment up and running. Fix the problem before it happens and keep you company DOT compliant.

Transmission and Clutch repairs

With over 14 yrs experience in the industry, Transmission and clutch repairs have been one the most problem areas truckers have to face, do to not adjusting, greasing or people not adjusted the correct way or even not fixing a transmission leak. Causing premature clutch failure and transmission failure. A1 Fleet Repair can help to get the most out of your money.

Engine Repair

A1 Fleet Repair can keep your engine running smooth from general engine repairs to advanced diagnostic. The general engine repair can be done onsite but the major engine repair will have to come to the shop.

Trailer Repair

A1 Fleet Repair offers trailer repair on all trailers new and old, from repairing a wrecked trailer or just keeping the equipment on the road to make ready trailer we can handle it all. We can get your trailer or equipment ready for inspection to past the first time.

Brake Repair

A1 Fleet Repair Certified brake repairman on call . When brakes squealing, humming or popping ,pulling to one side or the other. Don’t let DOT shut you down we can get your equipment back on the road safety and quickly. Brake repairs are the most important service that we offer and we take it very seriously along with keeping your company DOT compliant.

Suspension Repair

When your truck or trailer starts to wear tires unevenly or starts to shake, you more than likely have a problem with your suspension, steering or wheel bearings and can be very costly if not repaired sooner rather than later.

Why us?

We got the tools

A1 Fleet Repair is a firm believer in using the right tools for the job. We have a large investment in our tools to make sure we accomplish getting the job done right the first time.

Certified Experience

A1 Fleet Repair , Owner has over 14yrs experience certified in Truck/Diesel and Industrial repairs. All technician hired are certified so you know that you are getting the most for you money.

Competitive Pricing

A1 Fleet Repair has been doing roadside assistance, and onsite fleet maintenance for over ten years. We have done our homework in making sure thats our prices stay competitive over the years. We know we aren’t the most expensive and we know we aren’t the cheapest. We are competitively priced.  We take pride in our work, always double checked so your drivers can get home safely to their families and us to ours.

30 day warranty on all repairs

Any repair that A1 Fleet Repair has preformed for any of our customers has a 30 day warranty on labor/installation only. We don’t warranty any parts.

Great Support

A1 Fleet Repair customer Mechanical support for our customers. If you’re out on a route and are experiencing difficulties with your equipment, please feel free to give us a call anytime.

  1. Mechanical support
  2. Heavy Duty Towing
  3. Wreckage clean up